Feet as Soft as a Baby!

Let me tell you how my day started. At precisely 6:22 a.m. I receive a text, and what do I see?  A foot, not just any foot, but the bottom of a foot with skin sloughing off, in fact, it looks like the better part of the heel is going to be MIA.  Next, I receive another text; appears to be the same foot, not as much flaking and, may I dare say, this foot is actually looking pretty.  I receive a third, this with a foot that is smooth and youthful looking.  Am I curious why I’m receiving these foot alerts?  Absolutely, but I patiently wait for an explanation.

The phone rings, and Stephanie begins with, “I’ve got to tell you about Dean’s feet!”  I have no time to reply as Stephanie continues in her ever so enthusiastic Southern drawl telling me all about her husband’s feet.  “I sent you the photos because I didn’t know if you would believe the peel we got from Baby Foot.  You’ve got to get Tom to try this exfoliator, it’s amazing!”

Baby Foot

Stephanie so loved the results of an all-natural product called Baby Foot to exfoliate her feet that she convinced her husband to try it.  Dean, who would never feel comfortable receiving a pedicure, was fine with putting his feet in “baggies with lotion” for an hour while drinking some wine and watching football.  The “lotion” contains a formula of 17 types of natural extracts. Dean was pleasantly surprised that his feet were not uncomfortable during the hour long process and afterwards, just rinsed the product off in the bathtub.

It took 7 days, but on that 7th day, the peeling began!  Dean’s feet peeled for a total of 2 weeks, he made certain not to peel the skin off and let the exfoliation occur naturally.  He wore socks all the time, even to bed.  The results, according to Dean and Stephanie, are so worth the peeling.  As well as the bottom of the feet being softer, Dean’s cuticles and top of the feet are soft, and as a bonus, the process has helped to alleviate foot odor.

After Stephanie’s in depth account of the “Baby Foot Experience”, I know what my family will be receiving in their stockings this year!