Recommended Exercise to Lose or Maintain Weight

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Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain the weight you are at, exercise will always be a major part of a healthy lifestyle. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense activity for an average adult per week. If you would rather do strength training in place of aerobic activity, train all major muscle groups at least two times a week using resistance heavy enough to tire your muscles after 12-15 repetitions.

To Lose Weight

If you are beginning your journey to a healthier you at a weight you are not satisfied with and wish to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit (i.e. burning more calories than you take in). Today there are multiple devices you can use to track you calorie intake vs. calories burned. For example, you can use a Fitbit or Apple Watch that tracks your heart rate and shows you how many calories you burned for the day and pair it with the popular app My Fitness Pal which tracks the calories you take in throughout the day. For a specific time, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends 250 minutes of exercise per week for significant weight loss.

To Maintain Weight

If you have reached your goal weight and don’t wish to gain or lose weight, you don’t want to quit exercising altogether, but gradually slow down your exercise regimen. According to a study done at the University of Alabama, adults aged 20 – 35 who worked out one day a week saw no muscle loss or weight gain. Just make sure to keep that one day a week workout intense enough to break a sweat. For improved health benefits The Laser Institute of Pinehurst recommends 3 – 5 workouts per week alternating cardio-vascular work-outs with strength training.

At the Laser Institute of Pinehurst, we offer a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from our providers. We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals. Learn more about the weight loss programs we offer at or call our office at 910-920-9411 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

How to Determine Adequate Daily Protein Intake

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As we continue our journey towards a healthier lifestyle, we have come to the discussion of protein intake. There are many questions surrounding this topic – “How much protein is too much?” “What food contains large amounts of protein?” “How much protein is too little?” etc. Before determining the amount of protein you should be eating, you must first take into account how often you exercise and if your goal is to lose weight or maintain.

You Exercise Often and Want to Lose Weight

If you are looking to lose weight and you are exercising on a regular basis, protein is a key ingredient to incorporate in your diet to help sustain your strength for your workouts. According to Women’s Health Magazine, to calculate how much protein you should be eating simply divide your weight in pounds by  2.2 to get your weight in kilograms, as an active person (workouts 4 or more times a week) multiply the number by 1.2 for the minimum amount of protein you should be eating.

You Want to Maintain

According to Body the daily minimum protein intake recommended by the National Institutes of Health is 0.36 grams per pound for a sedentary person. So to calculate how much protein you should consume each day to maintain your weight multiply you weight in pounds by .36.

The most common source of protein can be found in meats such as poultry, pork, beef, fish etc. However, large amounts of protein can also be found in eggs, quinoa, lentils, yogurt, certain vegetables, peanut butter and many other foods. This helps when you have special dietary needs that do not allow meat.

Sometimes, in a weight loss journey, you can greatly benefit from having help. At the Laser Institute of Pinehurst, we offer a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from our providers. We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals. Learn more about the weight loss programs we offer at or call our office at 910-920-9411 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Never Underestimate the Importance of Brightly Colored Vegetables!

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As discussed in our last blog, the first step to a healthier you is determining your ideal, healthy body weight and how to calculate it. The next step is changing your eating habits in order to consume the correct balanced nutrients to assist in your weight loss journey. While we have been taught that all vegetables are good for you (when portioned correctly) and should be eaten every day, there are some that benefit our overall health more than others, such as brightly colored vegetables. In addition to making for colorful meals, adding a variety of color on you plate gives you a more complete set of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Below, we have outlined what each bright color of vegetable means, how it benefits you, and what it contains.

  • Red Vegetables, such as beets, red onions and tomatoes are good sources of vitamins A and C and assist in heart and eye health and may lower risk of developing cancer.
  • Yellow Vegetables, such as corn and yellow summer squash have lutein and zeaxanthin. Lutein and zeaxanthin are both pigments that fight free radicals that can damage your eyes. Yellow bell peppers contain vitamin C, while spaghetti squash contains vitamin A.
  • Orange Vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes all contain vitamin A and promote healthy skin as well as boosts the immune system. Sweet potatoes also contain potassium.
  • Green Vegetables, such as artichokes are a good source of fiber, while spinach and asparagus contain folate. According to the CDC, folate may help prevent birth defects. Green leafy vegetables usually have high levels of vitamin K.
  • White Vegetables, such as cauliflower and mushrooms can provide a great source of both vitamin C and folate. In the case of mushrooms, they can be the only vegetable to contain vitamin D, an important dietary nutrient for one’s immune system, bones, teeth and energy level.
  • Purple Vegetables, such as eggplant and purple potatoes are filled with antioxidants that work to improve memory and urinary tract health.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the recommended dose for vegetables is 2 ½ cups per day.

Determining a specific diet that is right for you and your individual weight loss goals can be overwhelming. The Laser Institute of Pinehurst offers individual diet plans created by our clinicians, medical staff and health coaches. Each diet is specifically tailored for the patient’s goals in mind. Learn more about the weight loss programs we offer at or call our office at 910-920-9411 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Your Ideal, Healthy Weight and How to Calculate It

The first step in a weight loss journey is setting goals for yourself. This will help keep you focused and give you reasons to celebrate as you reach each goal. It is important to understand that healthy weight is different for each individual person and must be calculated with multiple factors in mind including age, gender, muscle mass, bone structure, etc.

According to the Surgeon General, you can find your ideal weight by using a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator or chart (featured below). Based on the BMI index, underweight = <18.5, normal weight = 18.5-24.9, overweight = 25-29.9, and obesity = BMI of 30 or greater.

After you’ve calculated your BMI and set your healthy weight goal it is time to start planning. If you are overweight, losing 10% of your body weight can improve your health overall. Losing weight gradually is the healthiest option as well as the most effective in terms of long term goals. It is recommended to stay in the range of losing ½ pound to 2 pounds a week.

Sometimes, in a weight loss journey, you can greatly benefit from having help. At the Laser Institute of Pinehurst, we offer a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from our providers. We will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals. Learn more about the weight loss programs we offer at or call our office at 910-920-9410 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

New Year Resolution: Healthy Living

Happy 2018! The New Year is here and with it comes resolutions and goals that mostly center on self-improvement and healthy living. Unfortunately, many dive right into dieting and extreme exercise without taking the time to research the best ways to go about it and what their ideal healthy weight is. This often times leads to a broken diet and an abandoned gym membership.

To achieve your goals you must understand the basic facts about healthy living and that it has no end date, but is a lifestyle change. The main points to know are as follows:

  1. your ideal, healthy weight and how to calculate it,
  2. why incorporating brightly colored vegetables into your diet is beneficial,
  3. adequate daily protein intake,
  4. recommended exercise,
  5. vitamins and supplements that will help you along

Each person has a different “healthy weight” which is based on their BMI (Body Mass Index). This can be determined using a BMI calculator. Once you determine your healthy weight the next step is putting together a diet that incorporates all the right foods and their correct portions. Vegetables are important to any diet as they are bursting with nutrients essential to fuel your body. Brightly colored vegetables contain not only the nutrients found in all vegetables, but powerful antioxidants that help remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in the body. Next, according to Harvard Health, in order to determine your Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein, simply multiply your weight in pounds by 0.36 or refer to an online protein calculator that allows you to enter your activity level. Make sure to incorporate at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 times a week. If your diet does not include all the recommended vitamins and minerals, consider supplements after you consult with your primary care physician. Certain supplements may interact with any medications you are currently taking.

Most often, with a healthier lifestyle comes healthier skin! However, sometimes your skin just needs that extra push, call our office at 910.295.1130 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

The Skinny on SculpSure

SculpSure is specifically designed to trim away areas of stubborn fat that are not responding to diet and exercise alone. It is the first FDA approved treatment for customizable, non-invasive lipolysis.

SculpSure uses a hyperthermic laser to disrupt and eliminate unwanted fat cells with precise and effective treatments. The treatment can be done in as little as 25 minutes and can treat 4 areas at one time. By using Contact Cooling the patient is kept comfortable throughout the short treatment and can resume regular activities immediately after.

Due to the use of the hyperthermic laser, the SculpSure applicator sits on top of the skin, blending the treated and untreated areas and avoiding the shelving or “shark bite” effect that other body contouring treatments sometimes leave behind.

SculpSure treats:

  • Flanks
  • Abdomen
  • Bra fat
  • Inner and outer thighs

Don’t wait for the New Year to start your body makeover call our office at 910.295.1130 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Chemical Peels Come in all Strengths and Sizes for all Skin Types

Contrary to popular belief, not all chemical peels will leave you hiding away from the rest of the world until the recovery time has taken its course. Chemical peels vary in intensity and strength, and can be applied to all skin types as well as other areas of the body other than just the face.

The Laser Institute of Pinehurst offers multiple options in skin rejuvenation using chemical peels. They are used as a non-surgical way to treat many skin conditions including:

  • Acne
  • Aging skin
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • And so much more!

There are 3 chemical peel strengths: superficial, medium, and deep. Superficial peels are the lightest and treat discoloration, sun damage, very fine lines and soft wrinkles and stimulates collagen production. Superficial peels often take several treatments. Medium peels reach the entire epidermis and are used to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars. As the skin recovers new, tighter, smoother skin replaces it. Both superficial and medium peels require little to no downtime. Deep peels go further by reaching the epidermis, the pappilary dermis and penetrating the reticular dermis. While this peel is the longest lasting and is used for spot treatment, deep scars, and deep wrinkles, it also requires the longest recovery time and can sometimes be painful.

After a consultation with Dr. Melley or one of her certified Aestheticians, a treatment plan will be customized for each patient’s particular needs. Call 910-295-1130 to schedule a skin consultation today!

Get Ready for the Holidays with New Make-Up from Osmosis


The holidays are quickly approaching and Dr. Melley and her staff know that you want to look your best! Alicia and her make-up artists recommend Osmosis for an overall professional make-up look. Make-up is often used as a mask to cover up wrinkles and skin aging, but sometimes can dehydrate your skin or emphasize aging by settling into facial wrinkles. Osmosis is a skincare and make-up provider that uses a proprietary, unique wellness system to analyze the skin and body as a whole in order to treat and smooth fine lines and wrinkles as you wear the product.

Dr. Melley recommends Osmosis products to patients who want to treat aging skin while continuing their everyday make-up routines. Osmosis recently released a new Performance Wear Satin Foundation. This foundation is formulated with chamomile to promote anti-aging and hydration while providing long lasting, full coverage that smooths and plumps the skin, resulting in a flawless complexion. Osmosis make-up is also gluten free and vegan.

Osmosis recently added the following new make-up products to their complete line of make-up products:

  • Eye Shadow and Blush Palette: beautiful shades for a natural look with choices in light radiance and a matte finish.
  • Lip Pencils: Osmosis lip pencils provide richly pigmented, long lasting color.
  • Performance Wear Skin Foundation: Lasting coverage that smooths and plumps the skin.

Osmosis Make-up products are formulated to enhance photography and create an even skin tone when you are under the camera’s lights.

Call 910-295-1130 to schedule a skin consultation today at the Laser Institute of Pinehurst! And stay tuned to Facebook for invites to our Make-up Events.

PicoSure for Facial Rejuvenation

The face is one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging. While there are many remedies available professing a quick fix for sun damage, age spots, acne, skin aging or all of them put together, in our experience laser treatments for facial rejuvenation yield the best results. PicoSure, one of our most popular laser treatments, is not only used for tattoo removal at the Laser Institute of Pinehurst; it is also used to rejuvenate the skin, giving the patient a more even tone with a youthful glow.

PicoSure works by using highly targeted energy, gently disrupting the particles responsible for pigmented skin such as freckles and age spots. With the Focus lens, PicoSure also targets wrinkles, age lines and acne scars. To improve the skin, PicoSure creates gentle pressure waves to activate the body’s natural immune response. It does not rely on high heat like other lasers. This allows patients to enjoy more comfortable sessions and a shorter recovery time after treatment, with most patients reporting only a few hours of mild redness.

If you are interested in PicoSure treatments to for any of the following:

  • Acne scarring
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin discoloration/pigmentation
  • Freckles

Please contact the Laser Institute of Pinehurst at 910-295-1130 to schedule a consultation today!



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*The Laser Institute of Pinehurst offers multiple choices in laser treatments. We recommend a consultation at our office to determine which laser treatment is the best for you.

Say Goodbye to that Double Chin with Kybella®

If you’re one of the many Americans frustrated by fat under the chin (medically referred to as submental fullness), we’ve got good news. There is something you can do to smooth out your appearance and take years off your face. Say hello to a smoother, more attractive defined profile with Kybella® treatments!

What is Kybella?

The only FDA-approved injectable treatment of its kind, Kybella is an effective, nonsurgical strategy for permanently reducing fat under the chin area on the face. Its active ingredient, synthetic deoxycholic acid, helps break down fat by using the body’s own eliminate channels. Through a series of short, 15- to 20-minute sessions that are spaced at least a month apart, it’s able to target fat cells and damage them in such a way that the body eliminates them over time. What’s left is a smoother, leaner appearance that you’ll love.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Kybella?

If you are an adult who has moderate or more than moderate chin fullness, you may be a good candidate for Kybella. Exceptions include patients with infections in the treatment area. To know for sure if it’s right for you, talk to Dr. Melley, who can help you understand your options.

How Many Treatments Would I Need?

The specific number of treatments varies by individual. When you meet with Dr. Melley and discuss your situation, you can devise a treatment plan. Patients may receive from one to up to six total treatments.

Are you interested in learning more about Kybella? Ready to target your chin area with a treatment option designed for this region? Contact us today at 910-295-1130!

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