Gummy Smiles

A smile says a thousand words.

Although, do you feel like your smile is too “gummy?” Do you hold your hand in front of your mouth while you laugh? Stop, hiding the one natural beauty that trumps all makeup and suits any age, your lovely smile!

A smile is considered a “gummy smile” if a significant amount of gingival tissue (gums) can be seen as a person grins from ear to ear. Although, this lip elevation is considered a normal distinction of human anatomy, but many people with gummy smiles are very self-conscious when smiling.  One of the reasons the upper lip exposes a considerable amount of gum tissue is due to a hyperactive muscle which raises the upper lip.  If you’re Lucille Ball, having this hyperactivity can make you millions! Unfortunately, for most of us,  comedic  facial expressions are not how we bring home the bacon. Occasionally, genetics can play a factor as well, such as inheriting your great grandmother’s thin upper lip. Thanks granny.

Fortunately, whatever the case may be, these smiles can be corrected with a non-surgical approach—injecting small amounts of Botox into the hyperactive muscle.

Or, if a thin upper lip is the contributor, a filler injection, such as Juvederm, can augment the upper lip creating an effortless and minimal gum-filled smile. These little changes will provide you with the confidence to smile without hesitation. In no time your doctor will have you lighting up the room!

Because, let be honest, “you’re never truly dressed without a smile!”