Restore your Youthful Glow with TempSure and Pelleve

Collagen is a natural part of our skin’s structural compound that helps give it a natural glow and maintains elasticity. As we age, the collagen levels in our skin begin to deplete which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Many people wish that they could turn back the clock in order to have younger looking skin but don’t want to deal with the risks of surgery and a lengthy recovery. Dr. Melley provides treatments such as Pelleve and TempSure at The Laser Institute of Pinehurst, which can give your skin a smoother, healthier look and help restore your confidence by triggering your body to produce more collagen.

TempSure and Pelleve are both radiofrequency (RF) treatments. They are a safe and non-invasive way to help your skin counteract the effects of aging without surgery. In addition to smoothing wrinkles, RF treatments can also treat unsightly veins, facial redness, or cellulite. Each treatment sessions lasts between 30-60 minutes. The results are usually seen within the first 48 hours after treatment. Most commonly, patients receive at least 3-5 RF treatments roughly 4 weeks apart. This helps the body continue the production of new collagen for months afterward.

Pelleve is one of the RF treatments used by Dr. Melley to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. During a Pelleve treatment, radiofrequency energy is used to comfortably heat to the dermis which triggers your body to begin the natural healing process and collagen production. Dr. Melley uses a “GlideSafe” Pelleve handpiece to safely deliver RF energy to delicate areas such as the thinner skin around the eyes.

TempSure, another type of RF treatment offered at The Laser Institute of Pinehurst, is a new, gentle treatment that minimizes the signs of aging and tightens skin. TempSure can also treat cellulite! During a TempSure treatment the skin’s temperature is safely increased for a specific period of time which initiates the body’s healing response. The new collagen fibers that are produced will be more densely organized to give your skin a tighter, smoother appearance.

Radiofrequency treatments can also be combined with additional skincare treatments to yield the best results. A consultation with Dr. Melley will determine if combination treatments are necessary for the patient’s ultimate aesthetic goal. Both Pelleve and TempSure can improve the appearance and texture of your skin and counteract the natural signs of aging. However, it is recommended to establish a healthy skincare regimen that protects you from harmful UV rays and sun damage that can prematurely age the skin. The experts at The Laser Institute of Pinehurst can tailor a skin rejuvenation program that suits your needs and goals. Learn more about how RF treatments can benefit you and help you achieve younger looking skin at or call 910-295-1130 today to schedule your consultation!