Hollywood Eyes

I had not seen Stephanie for a few months, and I have to tell you, right away I noticed her eyelashes.  They were so much fuller and longer I knew she was either using Latisse or had false lashes.  Not one to beat around the bush, I immediately asked what was the cause of those gorgeous lashes.  “Latisse!” she exclaimed, “aren’t they fabulous!”   Now I was kicking myself for not faithfully using the product and making that a part of my beauty regimen.

Here’s a recap of my quick-fire conversation with Stephanie.

Stephanie before using Latisse and at 4 Months

How long did it take to see an actual change in your lashes?

“I really started noticing the results at 8 or 9 weeks.  I had to keep telling myself it would be worth it and to be patient.”

Did you have any negative side effects?

“Latisse is a prescription and Dr. Melley went over the possible side effects with me. Some people may experience skin darkening around the eyes as well as eyes becoming itchy and red.  I have a little bit of reddening on my eyelids where I apply the solution.  It’s easily covered up with my makeup and not very noticeable, I will definitely take a little bit of redness to have my lashes look like they do.”

Will you keep on using Latisse?

“Absolutely.  Once I’ve had these results I would never want to go back to the way my lashes looked before, and if you do stop using Latisse eventually your lashes will look the way they did prior to using the product.  One nice thing is now that I have my lashes looking the way I like, I don’t use the product every night and that helps it to last longer.”

Any advice for someone thinking about trying Latisse?

“I’d say go for it!  Be patient and get into a routine of applying Latisse, everyone is different, but my side effect of a little redness is well worth the end results.  And, be prepared for compliments – I was just told I have “Hollywood Eyes”, I love it!”