Skin rejuvenation with Lasers, Skin Care and Proper Nutrition

When cold temperatures settle in and the daylight hours are at their shortest, personal care can inadvertently take a backseat to holiday shopping, parties and the abundance of tasty treats to indulge on. It’s important not to let your diet and skin care suffer during the busiest months of the year. Don’t let your health and skin rejuvenation be just another New Year’s Resolution! Dr. Melley offers a variety of ways to supplement your diet and skin care regimen to help your skin look and feel its best this winter.

A proper diet and nutrition may positively impact your skin health when paired with a skin care regimen and laser skin rejuvenation. There is a wealth of information regarding the effect diet has on skin health so it is important to ask your doctor before altering your diet or daily skin care routine. Dr. Melley will be able to recommend supplements that may boost your diet and skin care efforts and determine which laser skin rejuvenation treatments will best benefit your skin based on overall condition and desired goals.

PicoSure by Cynosure is one of the many lasers used by the expert staff at The Laser Institute of Pinehurst to combat signs of aging, pigmentation, and wrinkles. PicoSure is minimally invasive so it is safer than more traditional methods. It uses targeted energy in order to gently improve your skin’s overall texture, reduce acne scarring, fine lines and sun damage with no downtime. After treatment you can immediately go back to your daily routine.

In combination with diet, supplements and a healthy skincare routine, laser skin rejuvenation can boost your skin’s appearance so you can feel ready to tackle the New Year. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Melley to determine your options based on your desired needs. The experts at The Laser Institute of Pinehurst can tailor a skin rejuvenation program that suits your needs and goals. Learn more about how which laser treatments can benefit you and help you achieve younger looking skin at or call 910-295-1130 today to schedule your consultation!